First Responder Table Talk Workshops

The first responder table talks are delivered in 4 one-hour interactive workshops and are tailored for the stress of helping professions. These workshops focus on the connection between stress and physical health.


Table Talk One

This first workshop is an introduction to compassion fatigue and burnout. It explores exposure to trauma as an on-the-job hazard.  While stress is inevitable, understanding the different sources of stress helps people manage the emotional labor of helping people. Compassion fatigue is distinguished from other sources of stress: secondary trauma, personal experiences, burnout, moral distress, social support and personal resources. Self-assessment tools are shared.

Table Talk Two

This workshop introduces rates of compassion fatigue and what influences these rates. It explores the neurobiology of stress and the cumulative effects of the stress response on health. The physical, behavioral and psychological signs of stress are presented. A burnout tool is shared and the group does a wellness activity.

Table Talk Three

This workshop focuses on building a positive workplace. Strategies for reducing toxic workplaces are presented which include low impact debriefings, identifying compassion fatigue in others and bolstering strategic alliances. A group wellness activity is conducted.

Table Talk Four

This workshop focuses on self-awareness, self-assessment and resiliency. The effects of adrenaline are introduced and strategic steps for recharging compassion are explained. Tools are shared for assessing and building resilience. Commitment to change is introduced and the workshop ends with discussing compassion satisfaction.

These trainings are based on material originally developed by Françoise Mathieu